Safety First

US Services has been dedicated to maintaining the safety of our fleet.  Our safety office is headquartered in Charleston, S.C.  They handle the qualifying drivers, tracking inspections, monitoring driver logs and mandatory random drug screening results.

In addition, US Services has a field safety manager that inspects and monitors the safety procedures of each terminal on a regular basis.

The safety department is responsible for each independent contractor.  They ensure that each owner-operator, the lifeblood of the intermodal industry, meets the high standards of US Services.  These standards are formulated in such a manner that they even surpass those required by the DOT.  A safety-based performance program has been implemented to promote awareness and prevention whereby drivers monitor and report unsafe driving habits.

With an increased emphasis on our Nation’s security, US Services has implemented new policies and procedures to address this important issue.

Beyond our road safety initiatives, today’s shipping industry calls for transportation, rail, port, and warehouse specialists to be aware of situations that could place people and your commodities at risk. As such, US Services complies with and implements government programs designed at protecting our Nation’s security.

Examples of this are:

  • Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC), a national security system designed to prevent individuals with connections to terrorism, those with insufficient mental capacity, individuals convicted of certain crimes or those without lawful immigration status from infiltrating the Nation’s transportation infrastructure.
  • Secured Terminal Facilities
  • Background checks on all owner operators
  • Background checks on key personnel with security sensitive positions